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The facts surrounding the recovery of the copper scroll

Here we’d like to establish the facts surrounding the Copper Scroll. We’ll resist an supposition, interpretation, or extrapolation.

Copper Scroll and CS imatation

The purpose here is to outline the facts, pure and simple. Any interpretation of the Copper Scroll must account for these facts. ie. Theory- The Copper Scroll is from the First Temple period. This fails the facts – The Copper Scroll is found with documents carbon dated soundly in the 100 BC to 67 AD range.

Known facts:

  1. Found by a professional archaeologist, Dr. (ed. – put name here)
  2. Found on a rock shelf, in a cave not in earth strata
  3. Found in proximity of Qumran (exactly how far? 2km?)
  4. Found in a cave 3 with other Dead Sea Scroll fragments
  5. Dead Sea fragments in cave 3 carbon date to 100 B.C. to 67 A.D.

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