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The Copper Scroll

What is the copper scroll?Copper Scroll and CS imatation

It is a metal scroll found with a cache of Dead Sea Scrolls. It is the only scroll that was made of metal. 99% copper and 1% tin to be exact.

Ancients were known to use copper scrolls for recording inventories, and in this case

The Copper Scroll is a fairly boring document with few adjectives written using a proto-Mishnaic Hebrew. It is a list of 60 to 64 items of value, what they are buried near, how far from the reference location, and how deep. Essentially, a list of items cached away.

The items include several tonnes of silver, gold, vessels, garments, religious items, etc.  The unit of measure is a talent. The exact weight of a talent is unknown but we have a good idea of the range.Chinese gold and silver ingots (~26-33 kg)

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