Video on Ancient Jerusalem

For a short, but educational video on Copper Scroll era  Jerusalem see

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Copper scroll books review

A most definitely overdue page has been added of copper scroll books and reviews.

My evaluation and assessment of their usefulness for the enthusiast or researcher and where to find them.

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Near Mule gold coin found

Granted, non Copper scroll era. But a very interesting find that few knew about. A Ptolemaic era gold coin, the second known one.

Sharon Herberts report:

“Although we knew from the start that this coin was special just from its material and size, it was only after phone calls with our numismatist and circulation of jpeg photographs to Catharine Lorber, one of the world’s experts on Ptolemaic gold, that we realized what an extraordinary find we had come upon. The coin weighs in at 27.71 grams, making it a mnaieion, the largest denomination issued in the ancient Greek world. Our numismatist, Donald Ariel, estimates that it would have been worth a half-year’s salary for a well to –do individual of its time. In modern terms this would translate to $100,000–150,000. It is one of only two of its type known and is the most valuable coin ever uncovered in Israel.

ps. A mule is a one of a kind coin.

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Israeli Library now in English

The israeli library system has revamped and now has english translations.  A nice boon for amateur researchers on both the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Copper Scroll.

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Launch of the Copper Scroll Research Site

The Copper Scroll Research site was launched Dec 20, 2011 for the exclusive purpose of aggregating the current body of knowledge on the Scroll in one place.   There is much misinformation on the Copper Scroll floating about the internet, and it has come time to put the existing research in one place. This will permit hobbyists and scholars alike to get up to speed fairly quickly.Copper Scroll and CS imatation

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